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Anorak Corner


Welcome to The Audio Creator Anorak page. If you are wondering what this means then you may be in the wrong place! Here is a place to share and relive great audio moments from the past and nearly present.

Over the years people who are now at The Audio Creator have worked all over in the world of sound.

On this page memories of audio, often rare, will be shared. All credits to the companies involved will be given and The Audio Creator would like to thank all those production companies that have been part of the incredible journey so far.

With 103.4 The Beach recently flipping to Greatest Hits Radio it seemed a good time to remember a rare piece of production. Some Audio Creator people started at The Beach and always loved JAM Jingles. The track here is from an extra session for the station and just a fun piece that turned out well so was used on their air. It's a resing of the classic WNDE 1260 song, sung by Sue at Alfasound in Manchester - enjoy!

The beach Sunny Day

The Beach Sunny Day

A custom breakfast theme for the brilliant Andrew Peach on BBC Radio Berkshire. This cut has been the soundtrack to his breakfast show for nearly four years. Never released on a demo here is the full version. Credit goes to our big brother company W6 Productions and composer genius Adam Hood.

BBC Berkshire - Andrew Peach

BBC Berkshire - Andrew Peach

Founder of The Audio Creator, Mark Hall, worked for Seattle based production company IQBeats for many years. One of the most exciting projects ever was the chance to create a greatest hits package for the Global Radio station Gold. The package involved getting a group of original Dallas singers together to recreate that amazing sound of the 70's and 80's. All in all it turned out rather well - here is a very short peek - respect to IQ Beats !



This audio is from Mark Hall listening through more memories of another production trip to Seattle. Again for IQBeats this is a news cut - produced for the Heart network. So many news jingles sound the same but this one is special. Composer is mega talent Steven Scalfati and a news track that really gives a stand out sound. 

Heart News

Heart News

Check back - on the anorak, with new audio appearing and disappearing at any time - don't miss out on more classics!

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