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Voiceovers, radio branding, corporate production, whatever your interest, here you can find the knowledge! If you have a question regarding anything 'sound' the Audio Creator experts can help. The Audio Creator will publish your answer and start to build up a useful resource of audio answers  to help when deciding just what service you need.

Just ask your question and The Audio Creator Team will be back to you with their thoughts and suggestions.

Ask Away !

Thanks for Asking !

Q. If I need a voiceover real quick how long does it take to organise?  Adam 

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A voice can usually be turned around in two hours depending on the talent availability. The more time you give, the more choices you'll have.

Q. When my job is complete how long do I have to wait to hear it?  Sophia

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Not long, The Audio Creator uses WeTransfer for instant delivery so as soon as a project is complete it can be sent  to you and you can download it straight from your email inbox.

Q. If I book a project that needs a voice will I get a choice in who is used? Ethan

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You will ! There is a selection to choose from on the 'Voices' page. If you really can't get the right fit then The Audio Creator can take your requirements and make alternative suggestions based on experience.

Q. I've got an internal presentation read that is okay but not brilliant - is it something that can be fixed. ? Mason

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Sure, if you really need to use 'the guy in the office' we can discreetly help you improve it. You can't turn just anybody into a voiceover but you can tidy up spacing, processing, breathing and add a more polished sound. This can all be done discreetly too if needed with an invoice entitled 'audio noise removal' or similar !

Q. You've got an Audio Creator mug in some photos, can I get one :-) Jayden

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The cheek of it ! They are not currently for sale but for being the first to ask we will send you one - Will be in touch !

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