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The Audio Creator is all about celebrating great radio, production and imaging. Here you'll find a selection of chats with great people who have amazing stories from their time working in the world of broadcasting and production.


Rick is back! In our second audio chat we discover more about Rick and his wide and varied career. We will find out about working with big personalities, landing at new stations and rebranding others. There is loads more great audio too including some rare memories from Radio Wyvern. Finally we come right up to date and chat about today and some exciting projects Rick is involved with now that could shape how we listen to radio in the not too distant future. 

Rick Simmonds

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Rick Simmonds Part Two
00:00 / 59:04

It's here! The History of LBC Imaging part two. We pick up the story with LBC losing the licence to broadcast and entering a period of change and turbulence. We walk through all the various name changes and play the production and imaging that brings back memories of challenging times. Later we move more up to date with the Chrysalis acquisition in 2003 and some never before heard audio of how the new sound was developed and formed in double quick time with a relaunch less than three months away. 

LBC Part Two

History of LBC Imaging Part Two
00:00 / 1:06:37

Rick has stories to tell with a stellar career in both radio production and presentation. Rick has worked at the biggest from Classic FM to Invicta FM and Fox. Rick managed the implementation of the Heart Network across the UK for Global Radio and has an eye, and ear,  for accuracy that allows no detail, big or small, to get past him! As well as radio and podcasts Rick now specialises in communication coaching. We will find out so much more in our chats and listen to some great audio - old and new. For more on coaching check out

Rick Simmonds

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Rick Simmonds Part One
00:00 / 40:27

If you love station branding you'll love this special programme - The History of LBC Imaging. We talk to Chris Lowrie, who worked at LBC for 27 years and oversaw 12 station rebrands. As well as stepping through the station from the start to present day, we also play unheard jingle tracks and have managed to dig up master copies of most - even back to 1973! Find out about the composers, the programmers and producers that have helped to form LBC into the iconic brand it is today and marvel in some truly rare recordings preserved here in all their original clarity, in one place for the very first time.  Check out our blog for more background info about LBC too!

LBC Part One

History of LBC Imaging Part One
00:00 / 1:01:12

In a bonus chat, Nick returns to talk us through the construction of some of the latest Jazz FM jingles. From breaking down individual cuts to showing how adding a voiceover can bring the piece to life, this talk focuses on one of the most important parts of any radio station sound - the top of hour sequence. With real instruments all broken out into individual tracks hear how a new jingle package can come together - even in lockdown.

Nick Pitts

Jazz FM Production Masterclass
00:00 / 26:00

In part two of our chat with Nick Pitts we talk about the launch of XFM, working at Galaxy and Heart as well as a summer imaging package that didn't go too well! We find out lots more about TV news music and play some rare audio from the Heart Breakfast show with Jono Coleman and then Jamie Theakston. Later in the chat we find out more about Jazz FM, where Nick is currently the Content Director, and have so much to talk about that we needed another chat. 

Nick Pitts

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Nick Pitts Part Two
00:00 / 53:29

Nick has a stellar background in audio and radio production. From getting the bug listening to Radio Mercury to working at Radio One as his first full time job, Nick understands all aspects of audio imaging, and show production, having produced breakfast at London's Heart 106.2 for many years too. Now Content Director at Jazz FM Nick talks to The Audio Creator about his radio journey along with some really detailed and in-depth dissection of production with some incredibly rare audio to hear for the first time.

Nick Pitts

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Nick Pitts Part One
00:00 / 48:32

Danny Cox

In the second chat with Danny we talk about his amazing years at Radio Trent, Trent FM and Sound FM with a healthy dose of production too. Danny tells us about launching SGR Colchester with some exclusive audio as well as the BBC World Service, BBC Oxford and much more. In a first experiment for The Audio Creator we also conduct a live voice session with Danny and hang around until the end to hear the results!

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Danny Cox Part Two
00:00 / 47:05

Danny Cox

In radio, tv and production is there anything Danny hasn't done? In the first of two chats Danny talks about getting the media bug and discovering so much about being both in front and behind the scenes that it convinced him this was THE career! Danny has an amazing archive of classic radio and brilliant production pieces and is sharing them with The Audio Creator. If you like Radio Trent, SGR, Jam Jingles and BBC of all kinds do make time to check it out.

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Danny Cox Part One
00:00 / 33:36

Dave Brown


Dave has been working in radio for over 40 years. An experienced presenter, programmer and producer, here talking to founder of The Audio Creator - Mark Hall, Dave brings stories from the world of radio and reflects on being at the launch of Radio Broadland in 1984, one of the earlier commercial licences in Norfolk and North Suffolk. Dave chats about the many different jingle packages supplied to Broadland by music master - David Arnold, talks about forgotten audio, shares behind the scenes stories and there's much more about Dave's amazing career since.

The Audio Creator Audio Chat - Dave Brown
00:00 / 51:54

Listen to Dave on Nation Radio - Sunday - Thursday evenings 10 - 1

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