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It's all about Rhythm of Station, there needs to be flow, a feel, a sound that the output is at home with. Get this right, and alongside the right music, your station is bound to drive growth - Mark Hall, Former Head of Station Sound Heart UK Network, Classic FM, & Gold Radio and Founder of The Audio Creator.

One of the main reasons larger group stations sound bigger and often better is not just the on air talent, it's the production. More and more stations now have presenter free hours and clocks driven by production so it's never been more important to make sure you have best, most relevant, enticing sound for your station. 

The size of your station should not determine any constraints in your on air brand sound. Giving some considered thought to what you want to achieve , the feel you desire, the image you wish to project and very importantly what else is available in your marketplace - your station must, and can, stand out.

Our consultancy brings you all these services in order to achieve the very best sound...

  • A market study to listen across your competition and understand your place in the market.

  • A full review of your station sound, including voices, promos, clocks and sponsor material.

  • Delivery of a simple and straight talking analysis report highlighting the good and the bad.

  • Ideas for your new sound including a breakdown of everything we recommend for a successful change.

  • Creation and delivery of your new package and assistance working with your team to implement the sound successfully.

  • Option of continued support with either regular updates or the creation of elements and templates for your talent to work with.

  • Seasonal packages for Summer, Christmas and Bank Holidays so your sound is always fresh and relevant across the year.

This case study shows how an image can be created on a limited budget with a tight time frame.

The client was looking for a big modern and fresh AC sound on a very tight budget for a small market.

We chose voices, elements, slogans and phrases. We imaged into breaks, out of breaks, song sweeps, promos and news & weather elements to work with RCS Zetta playout relying heavily on automation.

Below is a quick selection of some of the elements designed from scratch. 

Stortford One 2020
00:00 / 00:36

We also created a branding package for a Friday and Saturday night Party Classics sequence.


Eight hours long and completely automated, now have a longer listen to a spaciously telescoped hour to get a feel for the rhythm and vibe of the show.

Party Classics Long Listen
00:00 / 08:44
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