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Dark Arts

Dark Art

How do you make sounds and things come together? This is a question The Audio Creator is often used to answering. Sound production is often referred to as a dark art as nobody really knows what happens. On this page you'll find some simple details of how things happen!


Nowadays all audio is loaded into a digital editor. Above is a grab of a Pro Tools screen. Pro Tools is the world class editor that, here at The Audio Creator, your project will be created on and all over the world hit singles and audio for movies and TV shows are created on too.


All your audio appears on the Pro Tools screen as a waveform as you can see above. By moving waveforms around and by cutting and overlapping you can eventually get to the point of a finished project.

Studio Microphone

If you have a voiceover recorded on your project they will probably have used a microphone, as you can see above, in a soundproof room better known as a voice booth.


Finally all the elements come together and an audio engineer will mix and master your project in a soundproof room to make sure the mix is just right and fit for your purpose.

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