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Editing & Audio Fixing

​Editing & Audio Fixing

Sometimes you just need a little extra help and that's okay. If you have recordings that need editing, podcasts that need tightening, or an interview that's nearly right but the guest keeps saying 'you know' and it really needs to be removed - seamlessly, just upload it to us and we can get it fixed.

We have a simple per hour editing rate and will be upfront and honest about how long we think will be needed for your project based on duration and the style of editing you need.

In a hurry? We can also offer a same day* turnaround service on special projects where you are really up against that deadline. Just ask for details.

If you have some audio clips that are little hard to hear, a voice you have recorded that feels a little thin or an interview, that now it's complete has more noise than you thought, then let us help. Using our latest digital editing software we are able to access audio processors that can really make a difference to the quality of your sound.

Undertaking a podcast? Maybe you have got everything you need, great guests, facilities to record but, once its in the bag you find the finished result is too long, a little boring or lacking pace. We are able to assist by offering an editorial edit over your podcast. All the production team at The Audio Creator have experience working is speech radio both BBC and Commercial. Just tell us how long you need your podcast to be, how pacy you want it and we can take an independent editorial ear and tidy up your work to the point of perfection.

Audio Fixing
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