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The Audio Creator is here to produce audio and production for your next project. There could be a concern though that for those newbies in the creative industry some of the terms used are a little dull and confusing!



For that reason The Audio Creator has compiled a list of the most used words so you can learn what it's all about and impress your boss when commissioning your next project!

Branding - Audio used to give your product or project a defined identity

Jingle - Usually a sung piece of music to promote your name or product

Sonic - An instrumental piece of music used to identify your brand

Edit - Cutting words together to make something new

Voiceover - Words spoken over music or pictures to convey a message

Clock - The rollout of items in a radio hour

ID - A short piece of production that names your project or brand

Bed - A piece of music that can be talked over in a promo

Rollout - The way elements of your creative project line up and play in order

Voice to Picture - Editing voiceovers to the correct points in your audio presentation

Mp3 - An file format that can be sent to you via email that contains your audio

Bumper - A short piece of audio that moves you from one point to another

The Audio Creator

The Audio Creator

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