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News Imaging


Year by year the pressure is on to make news bulletins shorter, faster, more dynamic, while still maintaining credibility. Most music based stations want to get in and out and back to the music as fast as possible. The Audio Creator has a series of tools that allows this to happen in a creative and engaging way. A package of sounds that add class to your sound while not being over blown or laden with bloated 1990's horn orchestral logos! 

While it's easy to pull some music off the shelf and stick it behind your bulletin this denies your station an important opportunity, often at the top of the hour, to re enforce your sound and your musical logo. It's a clear moment in the output to remind listeners who they are listening to and where they are getting such important news information from.

By creating a news imaging sequence The Audio Creator can enable you to have a custom sound that delivers on consistency and credibility and that fuses your brand identity into the mind of the listeners.

These examples show how a unique feel and sound can be developed in many different ways.

News Examples
00:00 / 01:44
Logos & Sonics
00:00 / 00:25

The Audio Creator can assemble all your musical elements together with logos and sonics to create a memorable sound that will stick firmly in the ears of your listeners ! 

As part of a news imaging package The Audio Creator will ensure you have all the elements you need right at hand including versions for weather, sport and travel. All fused together with your unique logo that helps to underline your commitment to news even in a busy and competitive marketplace.

The Audio Creator also has experience developing news elements for TV and online. Get in touch find out more.

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