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The Audio Creator will make your podcast the very best it can be. Maybe you've found your place in the market but as you listen to other podcasts on Amazon or BBC Sounds, you notice how they feel just that little bit more professional, slick and snappier - often its all in the wrapper - we have podcast solutions!

Branding your podcast can hugely lift the interest in your content. Make sure the first few seconds your listeners hear is engaging, creative and draws in maximum interest. Usually within the first few seconds of listening to your podcast the key choice is made to skip, stop or start listening. By creating a fantastic opening with music, a podcast voiceover and sounds gives you your own brand and a unique place in your market.

The Audio Creator is offering a four step creative package that will transform your podcast and make it sound professional.

Your very own custom intro, signal to your listeners they've found the right podcast. Audio that becomes recognisable each week.

Short musical bumpers to move from one section to another, also making editing, stopping and starting so much easier !

Fully produced ending featuring any info you want, such as your web, instagram or tiktok address - keeping your listeners engaged for longer.

Perfect if you have a sponsor or supporter and have to 'wedge' in a clumsy mention! This fully produced mini commercial using a profession podcast voiceover is something you can run at the start middle or end and you can choose your style, formal or laid back.

Podcast Intro
00:00 / 00:16
Podcast Bumpers
00:00 / 00:13
Podcast End
00:00 / 00:19
00:00 / 01:03

Now you have heard the kind of elements that can bring your podcast to life, have a listen to a full package of sounds created for The Plucky Parent Podcast !

The Plucky Parent Podcast
00:00 / 01:01

We are finding more and more podcast clients  are looking for a professional voice to help bring their audio to life. By adopting a podcast voiceover you can bring a recognisable sound to your audio week in week out. When your listeners hear the podcast start, which has been fully pre produced and sounding smart, they know they are in the right place. Listeners are becoming less and less tolerant of badly produced audio so add a little professional shine to your podcast today!

Why not head over to our audio chat page - here you will be able to listen to a series of professionally produced podcasts made here at The Audio Creator. These podcasts will give you an idea of the kind of production and professional voiceovers we can add your your project today.

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