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And the weather is....

On a tour of the new Broadcasting House it was quite a surprise to be offered a wonderful chance to play at being a weatherman. I was given the opportunity by the fantastically talented Elizabeth Rizzini who had been given the heads up by my friend and tour guide that I'm an anorak at just about everything. A few things i discovered, you really do have to change the image with the clicker, you do not have a script and the clock is counting down to zero so better be on time.

Oh another thing, you'll have network control in your ear and remember to tell the facts clearly. Elizabeth is a star at this. She explained how you need to think of how to start, where you should be in the middle and what is the end. Easier said than done. On my first attempt it all went rather well for ten seconds but my story continued and i didn't move the slides - no good. Second and I couldn't get the words out, next slides too quickly. Fifth, not so bad.

Whenever I see a weather presenter from the balcony at mew broadcasting house it always reminds me that communication is an art, be in live or in pre recorded form. On a weather bulletin or in a promo or presentation.

The skill of sharing is something a few have naturally and many learn. However having to deliver a full week long, five minute forecast in Countryfile - now that's another thing.

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