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Radio, Television, Marketing - Consistency is the Key...

In radio sales I was taught very early on that your listener needs to be told something three times before they start to take note of what you are actually saying. After the third time then they will start to decide if they have an interest and probably on the fourth listen will take a mental note of your call to action.

I try to listen to the radio for enjoyment but many years of involvement, and being responsible for the sound of many stations, I find myself consistently listening out for the basics.

At the moment I'm listening a lot to one station that shall remain nameless. I'm really enjoying the output but there are many basic niggles. The big thing I can stop hearing at the moment is a verbal and pre recorded sponsor tag for a key daytime element. In one hour yesterday I heard it sold in four different ways.

The x show - With

The x show - In association with

The x show - Brought to you by

The x Show - with presenter name on station name - with sponsor

Sponsor tags are messy at the best of times, ideally they will contain a catchy message in ten words pushing you to a website or call to action. A telephone number really shouldn't be in a tag line, remember the tag line is trading off your brand - how low do you want to go?

My production head asks me - do you ever need more than;

The x show on ( station) with ( sales message )

Clean and simple, any chance to remove confusion or clutter should always be taken. This is the best way to promote a clean and consistent message.

McDonalds - I'm loving it

Coca Cola - Can't beat the feeling

BDS - Builders supply merchants covering East Anglia

Bobs Skips of Skipton - Supplying Skipton Skips since 1984, call Skipton 546547 for more information.

I'll take 1,2 and 3 any day, make it clear and say it often and you will get results. Now quickly, you read if once, tell me what that phone number was ?!

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