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Stay At Home - a rocky start to 2021

As the world starts work again after the new year break it certainly looks like the first few months of 2021 are going to be some of the most challenging we have seen.

Imagine how different this would have been just 20 years ago. I was watching some old episodes of the brilliant BBC TV show Spooks over the Christmas break. For a start it looks old, standard definition, the London skyline with virtually no skyscrapers. As always new technology was being shown off, basic mobile communication, Apple computers that now look barely recognisable as a Mac. Spooks began in 2002 and MI5 really were fighting the baddies in an analogue world.

Working from home is tough, but many of us are fortunate and can do so to a limited degree. The Audio Creator team are able to meet on zoom, create audio at home and record voiceovers from home built recording booths. This way of working can be time consuming but in the end the results are comparable - people always rise the the occasion.

While we may prefer to be out and about, being social and conducting our business, for those of us that can we must stay at home. I like to think of those doing a 'proper' job, healthcare workers, doctors and nurses. We sit at home making audio while they save lives - really not comparable. It does though help to put in perspective that we all need to do our bit to get out of the difficult situation we are in. The Audio Creators, for now, are still creating but firmly - at home.

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