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The Audio Creator - Predictions 2021 !

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We won't miss 2020 so let's look forward to 2021

There really is no need to go on about the last twelve months - lets just erase it ! The Audio Creator thought it would be a good idea to make some production predictions and then let's see where we are this time next year!

1) Lots of radio stations will be 'new' - as we emerge from our homes stations will want to feel fresh and new with an unprecedented amount of station rebrands. New voices, jingles and imaging all around.

2) Big companies will be booking voiceovers - presentations will be big in 2021 as workers return to the office and need to be brought up to speed, not in big lecture theatres but with desktop learning.

3) We will remember how to order a round of drinks for more than six people (depending on tier)!

4) Airtime on radio station will be scarce - big companies that have been holding back on advertising will be out there. Commercial radio will have a bumper year.

5) Podcasts will explode - new titles about wellness, getting fit and travel will be all around.

Here is to 2010 Happy New Year !

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