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Logos & Sonics


Drew White - Award winning composer and audio producer.

"Great notes in the perfect order create an audio logo to remember"

Macdonalds Logo

These two brands are very different but share one thing in common. They can both be identified simply by their musical logo. Intel has the 6 note chime and McDonalds the simple whistle tune that makes you sing 'I'm lovin' it'. Two great examples of a powerful musical logo or 'sonic'

Intel Logo

You might be looking for a logo to use on your computer system when staff log in. A short tune to use in your ad campaign or maybe a musical logo to use across all your podcasts and company presentations to add continuity and familiarity.

The guys at The AudioCreator have experience in creating and delivering logos and sonics for TV, radio, corporate and podcasting. Have a listen to hear for yourself and why not get in touch to see how we can help you to imagine and create a logo, lifting your projects to that next level of excellence.

Logos & Sonics
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