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Voice of God

Voice of God

For many businesses corporate events and award ceremonies are an integral part of the calendar. You know the type of thing, teams are nominated and winners parade to the stage to receive their accolade.

The phrase 'voice of god' has become synonymous with these kind of events and refers to the moments when a loud booming voice is heard describing staff achievements, the big things the company has been up to or sometimes even simpler 'ladies and gentlemen please take your seats for dinner'

If you have blown the budget on making this event the very best in can be, don't fall at the final hurdle and get your audio wrong! Every person in the room will hear your announcements and a really great narrative can help bring the event to life.

The Audio Creator has experienced and confident voices that are skilled in grabbing attention. From a series of announcements to assist moving your guests around the event to a full package of produced audio for your awards, everything can be taken care of and delivered in high quality audio formats, ready to hand off to your AV team making their life easier and giving you that pro sounding extra shine.

Listen to the examples and get in touch to add The Audio Creator to your production team today.

Voice of God One
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Voice of God Two
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Voice of God Three
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